Nutritious & Healthy Party Snacks Exclusively For Kids

Nutritious & Healthy Party Snacks Exclusively For Kids

If planning to hold a party for young children, it becomes essential to cook healthy, nutritious party snacks. Ensure that none of the small guests experience any kind of allergies like some fruits, honey or nuts.

Theme matching foods

Selecting foods to match the party theme is sure to enhance the party moods. If there is a color themes selected for the party, then focus on preparing nutritious snack foods with the theme color. For example, mix food color in water to ‘dye’ white bread with theme color. Mist bread and do not soak it. Using coloring, you may create blue, green, purple or pink sandwiches. Cut bread in shapes using cookie cutter to provide sandwiches with a unique shape.

Low-calorie items

You may prepare healthy, low-calorie chips within minutes rather than buying unhealthy ones from stores. For this, you require a few potatoes, microwave, microwave safe plat or paper. Rinse potatoes thoroughly. Then slice them thinly and flavor it with barbecue flavor, garlic powder, pepper and salt. Lay slices on a clean plate. Thinnest slice should be on the plate’s outside.

Then, put in microwave’s center for heating and set for about 5 minutes. As you notice brown formation on the slices, take it out. Dark brown potato slices will mean crispier chips. These chips are to be prepared and placed within an air tight container to be consumed whenever desired.

Leather fruit roll-up

The roll-ups found in stores are loaded with sugar, but are a favorite among kids of all ages. You can easily prepare natural fruit roll-ups at home. Apples, applesauce, apricots, bananas and plums are excellent fruit choices for roll-ups. To change flavor, you may add cinnamon while for grown-ups, mint is sure to be enjoyed.

Doing some pre-planning and adding a few fun-filled steps to your food preparation is sure to make the party affordable and memorable.

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