How many calories does an American breakfast has?

Breakfast, the most important meal of the day. It should be full of protein to kick start your day and go through all the work you must do during the day. High protein is healthy for you but high calories could be unhealthy.

So, how many calories does an American breakfast has? Well, a typical American breakfast can have a couple of Eggs, Bacon, Cereal, Baked food like Donuts or Muffins, Pancakes, A cup of Coffee, Juice, or Milk. The calorie intake depends on the combination you choose to eat for your breakfast.

Calories Intake:

  1. Eggs: A couple of Eggs contains a healthy amount of protein for you. It also has around 148 calories. It is equivalent to having 2 apples. Eggs are full of protein, Vitamins such as D, A, E, B-12, and Omega 3 along with fatty acid and iron.

  1. Bacon: An average strip of bacon that weighs around 8 grams contains between 35 to 48 calories. This means an average breakfast with 4 slices of bacon contains about 160 calories which could be equivalent to having 2 bananas.

  1. Cereal: A cup of lighter cereal like Cheerios or Cornflakes can contain about 100 to 150 calories while a heavier cereal like Shredded wheat can provide up to 200 calories. Added milk to the serial can add some more calories to it.

  1. Donuts: Now let’s talk about some high sugar food items. Donuts are unhealthy snacks, which is due to their high sugar content. However, it could provide you a lot of calories too. A generic plain glazed donut contains 269 calories and varies on what donut your order and choose to eat.

  1. Pancakes: One plain homemade pancake usually contains 50 calories with 1.5 grams of fat which could rise to 100 and 5 grams of fat with added sugar.

  1. Cup of Coffee/Milk/Juice: A glass of Milk contains 42 calories while Coffee contains zero calories and Juice would contain 54 calories.

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