What Food Should You Avoid Cooking In Your Air Fryer?

cooking in Air Fryer

Modern technology has enabled people to enjoy convenience when working in the kitchen. Air Fryers are considered to be amazing inventions that allows you to prepare different types healthy food items. The web is filled with air fryer recipes that you may try and experiment at your home. Such appliances are said to imitate the results offered by deep frying. For this it uses a fraction of oil and intense hot air.

Items not to be cooked in air fryer

  • Fresh greens: Since the devices uses high speed air, leafy greens are likely to cook unevenly. Foods that require constant movement for proper cooking might easily get burnt.
  • Battered foods: Never place wet batter inside this device as it only creates a mess. When submerged in oil, it will not derive that crunchy shell. For that golden shine and crispiness, coat it in breadcrumbs, egg and flour. It is fine to put frozen and pre-fried battered food in air fryer.
  • Cheese: You may want to have fried cheese for your snack. Cheese should have some kind of coating before it is cooked in this machine. Otherwise, it is likely to melt away and form a puddle. The same goes for grilled cheese that is likely to burn from hot air induced pressure. The stove is a better option to prepare such foods.
  • Whole roasts: You may have plans to cook an entire roast in this appliance. If so, the major issue faced is whether the roast will fit inside the basket or not. Regular oven would be a better option. This is because in the air fryer, the roast is unlikely to cook evenly. Besides this, the part that is near the heat source is likely to get burnt. Air fryer requires sufficient space to circulate properly and do its work. Otherwise, roast the same, but in smaller pieces. Breast should be face downwards and skin upwards.

Knowing what to and not will allow you to enjoy your cooking session and help prepare new, interesting recipes!

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