7 Recipes With Eggs For A Complete Breakfast:

Eggs For A Complete Breakfast

Recipes With Eggs For A Complete Breakfast

Boiled, fried, poached… With these ideas, you can enjoy eggs in a thousand different ways while having a satisfying breakfast

Earlier, people were claiming that eating eggs regularly was a bad habit for cardiovascular health, especially for those who are used to tame cholesterol numbers. However, eggs are a good source of protein, unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins of all groups except C, and minerals such as sodium or zinc, the latter involved in the good synthesis of proteins, in the good maintenance of psychological and fertility functions.

With this food in your breakfast, you will ensure protein intake and you will get a feeling of satiety that will free you from snacking on anything before lunch. We reveal 7 easy recipes with eggs that will make you jump out of bed wanting to have breakfast. A good step to start your day with a healthy diet.

  1. Soft-boiled egg, coffee, and yogurt with raspberries:

A soft-boiled egg only needs to boil between 4 and 6 minutes, depending on how you prefer the texture to be more liquid or thick. To accompany it and complete the breakfast, you can do it with a coffee with oat milk and yogurt without sugar with raspberries.

  1. Spelled bread with tomato and hard-boiled egg:

If you like bread with an intense flavor, you will enjoy it with a slice of spelled bread. You can accompany it with the soft touch of a tomato spread, and a hard-boiled egg cut into slices. Add black tea and a handful of strawberries and you start the day with a full meal.

  1. French omelet with cherries and green juice:

This classic preparation is perfect for those who prefer to have something salty for breakfast. You can accompany it with a whole-wheat toast with extra virgin olive oil and a green juice full of vitamins and minerals.

  1. Scrambled eggs with semi-cured cheese, kiwi, and whole-wheat toast:

An elaboration with tradition takes little time and that, combined with a soft cheese such as semi-cured. It will leave you satiated and will satisfy your appetite in the morning. You can complete your breakfast with a kiwi, very rich in vitamin C; whole wheat bread, and a coffee or black tea.

  1. Avocado and egg toast:

Including avocado in the first meal of the day is a great idea. It is the fruit with the most protein and has potassium as well as healthy fats which will give you energy and it is well rich whether it is crushed or cut. Its texture together with the egg creates addiction, in addition to providing many nutrients. Accompany it with a coffee with milk and juice, a very complete and simple breakfast.

  1. The French omelet:

The French omelet is another of the classic breakfasts with which we can experiment so as not to fall into boredom. We can ‘roll’ the omelet with a little ham, bacon, cheese, cherry tomatoes, or another vegetable. And it is always delicious and healthy.

  1. Scrambled eggs with whatever you want:

Last but not least. Scrambled eggs are the quintessential healthy breakfast. Very easy to prepare and, really, delicious. You can put york, bacon, although the egg and a little salt are enough to lick your fingers. Accompany it with sliced ​​fruit or avocado.

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