Raspberry And Honey Smoothie

We all love a smoothie, those cold drinks made from natural yogurt and frozen fruits. Raspberry and honey smoothie is super simple to make, it is natural, it is healthy and in moments you have a delicious drink to accompany breakfast, a brunch, or an afternoon snack.

For those who have a small child at home, a smoothie is a very healthy option, since the taste is awesome and how you prepare it yourself at home you know how much sugar was put in your child’s food.

And to be even more natural and healthy, we like to sweeten my smoothie with honey and/or brown sugar, but organic sugar is also great. Putting granola in the smoothie is also very good.

While preparing, the important thing is to know that with the same base of the smoothie you can make different flavors, depending on the fruits you have at home. But the best is to always use frozen fruits, they help to give creaminess and freshness.

Raspberry and honey smoothie – for 2 cups:


– 1 cup of plain yogurt

– 1/2 cup of cold skim milk

– 1 cup of frozen raspberry

– 3 tablespoons of honey

Method of Preparation: 

In the blender or mixer glass mix the yogurt, the cold milk, the raspberries, and the honey. Beat until smooth. Serve in glasses. Just to give a little charm, we decorated the glass with fresh blackcurrants. If you have any berries, use them, if you don’t mind, because what matters is the flavor.

That’s for this recipe – Isn’t that simple, easy, and quick! Also, you can make this smoothy when your guests arrive. They also love this much since this is healthy and super tasty!

Good appetite and a great holiday!

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