Healthy Pancake breakfast recipe

Pancakes are one of the favorite foods and several varieties offer several essential nutrients. Since, they are high in calories from fat and sugar, especially if you eat them out at a restaurant and only if you top it up with a lot of syrup and butter. So, the best option to make nutritious versions of pancakes at home.

The pancakes are a real temptation in their most purely American version, very large and fluffy and covered with cream and various syrups. As an occasional whim, we admit them, but for the day-to-day, we can make very healthy pancakes with two ingredients, without any sugar or cereals of any kind.

Ingredients for 1 person:

– 150 g of peeled ripe bananas,

– 2 eggs

– Vanilla essence,

– Cinnamon and/or cocoa powder.


– Chop and mash the banana with a fork until it is pureed without large lumps.

– Add the eggs and beat everything very well until a homogeneous dough is achieved.

– Add optional additional scents, if desired. Lightly grease a good pan or griddle and heat on medium power.

– Add a portion of the dough, wait a few seconds and push the edges with a spatula, to give it a more rounded and thick shape.

– Cook about 4-5 minutes on each side, until bubbles come out and the edges peel off.

– Turn carefully and cook on the other side. If it breaks at first, don’t worry either, squash the dough to rebuild it, they will be just as rich. Continue until finished and serve.

To better master this dough or any other pancake recipe that we want to make, we can use a special machine with two holes of 13.5 cm in diameter, not very bulky.

As a strong point, it has the manual temperature regulator and its specific design for low-carb pancakes, which allows even the most complicated doughs to be cooked without greasing the cavities.

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