Nachos with cheese: Recipe

Nachos with cheese

These cheesy nachos can be made with homemade tortilla chips, which are made in a flash, or with packaged nachos. Here is the recipe.


– 1 package of corn tortillas (or a package of already fried nachos)

– 1 carton of 200 ml liquid kitchen cream

– 150 gr of grated cheddar cheese


If you want to make homemade tortilla chips:

– To make the nachos at home, you just have to cut the corn tortillas to your liking, into more or less small triangles, and fry in plenty of hot oil until golden brown.

– The cheese sauce is prepared by melting the cream over the fire (you can use milk and cream, or just milk) with the minced cheese without stopping stirring until it thickens and has the right consistency. Do not stop stirring because it burns easily. You have to give it a touch of ground black pepper.

– The chips are served with the melted cheese on top and some chopped jalapeños if you want to put them.

– You can also add other ingredients and grill under the grill.

With bacon and cheese:

– Sauté some bacon cubes in a frying pan. We cover the nachos with the cheese and put the bacon on top.

With meat and cheese:

Sauté minced and seasoned veal in oil. season it with a little barbecue sauce or garlic powder. We can previously sauté a little chopped onion. We serve the nachos covered with the meat and a little tomato sauce, then we add the cheese and the jalapeños.

With spinach, bacon, and cheese:

Sauté some bacon cubes in oil and when they are crunchy add some fresh and chopped spinach leaves. We skip them for a minute. We serve the nachos topped with spinach and bacon, the cheese sauce, and a few tablespoons of homemade tomato sauce.

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