Things You Didn’t Know Drinking Coffee Could Cause You!


Coffee, a drink that is a daily essential need of millions of people to get their morning a kick start. However, if you are addicted to drinking coffee too much, it is not going to end well. Too much consumption of anything can be harmful to your health and coffee is not an exception.

Contents: Coffee contains various compounds such as Caffeine, Antioxidants along with diterpenes.

Too much consumption of caffeine could cause high blood pressure, a precursor heart disease, and has various side effects such as dizziness, abnormal heartbeat, and regular headaches.

People who are addicted to coffee must limit their coffee consumption to 5-6 cups per day. Five to six cups per day might sound excessive to non-coffee drinkers but to people who are addicted to coffee seems to be the below-average number.

Although drinking coffee could be harmful to your health, drinking coffee to a limit could provide a lot of benefits to your body. Research suggests that people who do not drink coffee at all have a higher risk of getting Cardiovascular disease in comparison with people who drink one or two cups of coffee per day.

An article in the European Journal of Nutrition suggested that limited consumption of coffee could link to having less risk of heart disease while people who drank it too much had a much higher chance of getting a heart incident.

The bottom line is that caffeine could be harmful to your body and health if you consume it too much and caffeine being the main compound of coffee, consuming coffee more than you would come with a health risk. Undoubtedly it helps in providing you a kick to go through daily work and activities but too much of it would do more harm to your health than the satisfaction it has to offer.

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