The 5 basic cooking recipes everyone should know:

Everyone needs to learn basic cooking recipes. Once you have mastered the basic techniques and steps, it will not cost you anything to increase your recipe book little by little.

Check out the following 5 basic cooking recipes:

  1. Stewed beans:

Beans have several variants, from simple white to green, black, or large beans. Good stewed beans are always appreciated by hungry stomachs, in this case also prepared in a quick cooker.

It is a simple dish with vegetables that are shredded apart to give consistency to the stew, leaving a sauce that is suitable for dipping bread. If we want to make it more complete, just add a handful of rice and some meat.

  1. Stewed chickpeas:

Chickpeas complete the trio of our most traditional legumes, in this case with a very simple recipe for stewed chickpeas. Another great dish to take away or freeze, which can be used to start the menu or as a complete meal if we serve a good portion well accompanied.

  1. Pork stew with vegetable stew:

Lean pork is just as valid as the classic beef for cooking stews such as this pork stew with vegetable stew. It is the type of simple recipe that will be a success if we bet on ingredients of true quality, such as wine that plays a great role in the sauce.

  1. Beef with peas and carrots:

Also traditional is the recipe for veal with peas and carrots, a good way to combine quality meat with vegetables, which we can use frozen if they are good. Or bet on fresh produce if we are in season.

  1. Roast chicken with apples and mushrooms:

Chicken meat is very useful in any house, due to its price and versatility, as well as being low in fat. An essential preparation is baked, as in this recipe, for roasted chicken with apples and mushrooms, a delight. The mushrooms can be exchanged for another vegetable depending on the season, but we would not recommend doing without the apple.

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