The 3 best and easy recipes to learn before becoming independent:

We know that nowadays young people take longer and longer to become independent. But that day ends up coming for everyone and confronts us with the reality of simple daily tasks, including cooking. Are you planning to live on your own but the stove is not your thing? These are the top best and easy recipes that you have to learn before becoming independent.

  1. Homemade tomato sauce:

It’s tempting to just use commercial sauces, and there are some great ones, but no home should be without homemade ketchup. It is easy to prepare and can be kept for many days in the fridge or longer in the freezer. That is why it is worth spending a while to cook a good amount to have reserves for a while.

The flavor of homemade tomato sauce has nothing to do with a supermarket-bought, and it is useful for a thousand things. It can accompany meat and fish dishes, be combined with vegetables, enrich stews, or we can enjoy it with pasta or cooked rice.

  1. Chicken and ham cutlet:

No one will make cutlets better than your mother, but you don’t have to depend on her lunch boxes for life if you want to enjoy this classic from our kitchen. Learn to master the technique of perfect croquettes and you can show off when you have visited at home, and nothing better than to practice with the recipe for chicken and ham cutlets.


  1. Stewed lentils:

We now fully enter the legumes section, a staple of our diet that we should never forget when we become independent and start cooking. Lentils are usually the first choice when one begins on the stove, and they should not scare even the most novice because preparing classic stewed lentils is easier than is usually believed.

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