Foster’s potatoes with cheese and bacon

These Foster potatoes with cheese and bacon are served at Foster Hollywood as one of their star dishes but they are very easy to make at home in a few minutes. You can serve them as a starter to the center. They are perfect for children’s gatherings.

Here is the simple yet complete recipe of Foster’s potatoes with cheese and bacon.


– 1/2 kilo of French fries cut into strips (you can use frozen potatoes)

– 100g shredded Edam cheese (or cheese mix)

– 150 grams lean bacon in small pieces

– Salt pepper

Ranch sauce or American ranchera. If you don’t have ranch sauce, you can add a little cream mixed with mayonnaise and garlic powder.

Preparation of Foster potatoes with cheese and bacon:

– We fry the potatoes in olive oil and drain them a little on kitchen paper.

– While still hot, we season them and put the ranchero sauce on top. We mix well. We cover the whole surface with the cheese. We also put the bacon in cubes on top, sautéed for a minute in a pan with a little oil (it doesn’t need to be well done, it ends up in the oven).

– Bake under the grill for 5 minutes until the cheese melts but without browning too much so that it does not harden and without letting the potatoes burn. We serve hot.

Tips and Comments:

– Instead of baking under the grill you can save time by putting a minute in the microwave but the potatoes lose part of their crispiness and then harden more easily.

– You can add more ingredients to your liking along with the potatoes (fried and golden onion, sautéed mushrooms …).

– You can substitute the bacon for minced meat or crumbled and sautéed hamburgers.


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