Nougat: the classic sweet comes home for Christmas:

There are different types of Nougat you should try. Here we give you details of all types of Nougats.

Chicken nougat:

Chicken nougats are the most favorite of Americans. These are mixed with molded, cut, and fried vegetable oil. Even, you will find this item in McDonals as they have incorporated McNugget in their menu. There are several other different types of nougat you can try in the USA as well as Canada.

Hard nougat:

Hard nougat is the authentic Christmas sweet. Almonds are its most important characteristic and the essential ingredient to avoid being considered diverse nougat.

Chocolate nougat:

The chocolate nougat is the maximum representative of the various nougat. Big brands in the cocoa industry have annual collaborations to launch nougat that conquer lovers of this sweet. In your usual store, you can find nougat with three chocolates, chocolate nougat with different types of nuts, and nougat with a chocolate coating.

Egg yolk nougat:

It is said that the yolk nougat arose from the idea of ​​wanting to take advantage of the yolks that were left when preparing the hard and soft nougat. The recipe, inspired by Catalan cream, triumphed among fans of Christmas desserts, establishing itself as one of the best-selling varieties of nougat.

Coconut nougat:

The coconut nougat was one of the first types of nougat that began to be made beyond the nougat. It is recognizable by the coconut filing on its surface that gives it its characteristic whitish appearance.

Other types of nougat:

Currently, there are a large number of types of nougat in the supermarket in the USA and Canada. Among the best known are truffle nougat or coffee. However, every year new flavors and combinations emerge. This Christmas we will be able to taste the French fries nougat for the first time.

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