5 Food myths and truths: don’t be fooled:

There are statements that, over time, have been installed in people’s daily lives, but are these statements really true? Home remedies with food, properties attributed to certain fruits and vegetables. Read on to discover the myths and truths about food.

5 myths and truths about food:

  1. Fruits taken for dessert make you fat:

FAKE. This statement is a myth, since fruits, eaten when eaten, have the same caloric intake. However, you should pay attention to the feeling of satiety they produce, thanks to the fiber they contain. If a piece of fruit is eaten outside of mealtimes, you will not have the same appetite when it is time to eat, hence this myth is believed to be true.

  1. Drink the freshly squeezed orange juice:

TRUE. All citrus fruits, be it orange, lemon, grapefruit, etc., are rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that oxidizes and loses its properties in contact with air and light, although it does not lose color.

  1. Drinking water during meals makes you fat:

FAKE. Water never provides calories, no matter what time of day it is taken or with the food it is taken. If you drink too much water during meals, it is true that it can increase the volume of gastric digestion, which causes it to take longer to enter the body to dilute gastric juices.

  1. Fresh plant products are better than frozen ones:

FAKE. Frozen vegetables and greens can become healthier because they keep their nutritional characteristics intact since they are frozen as soon as they are harvested. Fresh vegetables, however, which take hours from purchase to refrigerate, have significant nutrient losses.

  1. Carrot is good for your eyesight:

TRUE. The carrot provides vitamin A in large quantities, and the consumption of this vitamin is very important for the health of the eyes and the mechanism of vision. If the daily diet is deficient in vitamin A, certain ocular alterations may occur such as less adaptability to night vision, or dryness of the cornea.


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