Fajitas with Pepper:

With this recipe, you can prepare a very special starter in a few minutes and to everyone’s taste.

Ingredients for 3 to 4 fajitas:

– Mexican wheat tortillas that are not very large

– 300 g of marinated tenderloin tape (if you prefer you can use fresh tenderloin tape)

– Half a green pepper and half a red pepper

– Half an onion

– A couple of tablespoons of sweet corn kernels

– Fresh coriander and lemon or lime to serve

– Salt and pepper

Preparation of the fajitas with peppers:

– To start we are going to prepare the stuffing for the fajitas. To do this, we cut the loin tape fillets into one-centimeter strips. We also cut the onion and the pepper into thick strips.

РFirst, we are going to sauté the loin strips in oil until they are done and start to take color. We remove them from the fire and reserve them.

– Saute the onion and peppers in that same oil for a couple of minutes. Season with salt and pepper. Do not wait until they are too tender.

– Then we return to put the sauteed strips of loin and add the corn. We also put a little chopped coriander or parsley and mix everything well.

– With this filling, we are going to assemble our fajitas. We put a couple of tablespoons of filling on each wheat tortilla. If you want, you can give the tortillas a heat stroke beforehand in a non-stick frying pan.

– We fold the tortillas to ‘enclose’ the filling as you see in the photos, forming a cylinder open at one end. We seal the tortilla with a toothpick.

– We serve at the moment with a lime or lemon rind so that each diner can season the fajita to their liking.

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