The 5 best breakfasts from other countries to inspire an original Sunday:

We all love having a good breakfast, although each of us likes different things. We all have a great breakfast daily, but since we all want to try something new, we have provided the best 5 breakfasts from other countries in the following.

  1. The American breakfast:

Although Americans have a wide variety of breakfasts, the most characteristic is pancakes with bacon and maple syrup, if possible stacked. If you want a sweet version, the pancakes with cream and blueberry jelly are also a great choice, with a little butter melting at the top of the pile.

  1. English breakfast:

The full English breakfast consists of a fried egg, sausage, mushrooms, baked beans, hash browns (potatoes cut into thin strips and fried), toast, and grilled tomatoes. In short, a lot of energy for a special day and the breakfast that we all delight in when we go to a hotel with a buffet breakfast.

As a curiosity, each area of ​​the British Isles has its breakfast with slight variations. The Irish breakfast has bacon and pudding, but no mushrooms, while the Scottish is a combination of English and Irish, with more meat if possible.

  1. The French breakfast:

The French are somewhat minimalist when it comes to breakfast, although they achieve excellence thanks to the quality of the ingredients: a coffee with milk and a good croissant are a good option to start the day. Toast with jam, with cooked ham, honey, butter, or chocolate cream is also a classic.

  1. The Turkish breakfast:

The Turks are probably the most fanciful around breakfast, filling the table with plates full of all kinds of foods: feta cheese, tomato, cucumber, olives, toast, jams, raisins, pita bread, spaced sausages, tea, etc.

  1. Italian breakfast:

Italians do not complicate their life much when it comes to breakfast, although they do take their time to prepare a good cappuccino that they accompany with a piece of pastries. It may not seem like a big deal, but knowing how Italians spend it with coffee, we think it can be considered a full breakfast, or at least intense.

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