Family breakfast: three fun and quick ideas to make a special breakfast:

Having breakfast with the family is an activity that is enjoyed a lot and that normally, due to the different schedules, we cannot share with ours as much as we would like. For the weekends or for the next holidays, we propose three fun and quick ideas to share those moments by preparing a special breakfast.

Two-color toast:

Nothing is as simple as preparing delicious two-colored toast. And for this, we only need two jars of jam of different flavors. The toasts that illustrate the first photo are made with strawberry jam and peach jam.

With a cookie cutter in the shape of a flower, we have everything ready. We prepare the slices by toasting them to our liking. We spread them with jam and then cut the flowers with the mold or cutter.

Afterward, it is enough to exchange the flowers to obtain these fun two-colored toasts that will allow us to enjoy two flavors of the jam without eating more bread. You already know that adding color to the table is a good way to add vitamins.

Homemade sponge cake filled with jam:

The homemade cakes are very good, but if they spend a couple of days they begin to dry out. So, the best option is to “dip” them in coffee or tea but we can give you a much richer idea to enjoy it.

If we carefully open the cake by cutting it in half and spread a good amount of our favorite jam, things change a lot. We have used the strawberry jam, although you can use the one you like the most.

Raspberry jams, strawberries with blueberry jams, or blackberry jams are excellent to brighten up a sponge cake and restore its freshness to enjoy an original and wonderful family breakfast.

We hope that these fun and quick ideas to make a special breakfast will come in handy the next time you want to share a moment as pleasant as breakfast with your family.

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