What Are The Different Coffee Drinks Available For Consumption?

Types of Coffee Drinks and Varieties

During earlier times, there was just plain coffee available for consumption purpose. But now, there are different types present that can be enjoyed whenever desired. Diverse brewing methods are followed to create a variety of flavors.  It ranges from breves to mochas to cappuccinos and lattes. Coffee taste relies on milk ratio with other flavored ingredients. Indefinite combinations are present that can be customized to match individual taste and preference.

Coffee drink types available

  • Espresso: It is devoid of milk and has strong coffee bean concentration. It is created by Espresso machines along with hot water stream forced with pressure through coffee beans.
  • Black coffee: Milk or sugar is not used in its preparation. It is meant for those desiring strong coffee taste.
  • Americano: It is served in hot water with single shot of espresso in diluted form.
  • Black Eye: This American-styled drip coffee is prepared with espresso shot and is quite strong in taste.
  • Mocha Café: Also referred to as mocaccino. This combination drink includes chocolate powder or syrup, espresso shot and steamed milk. Coffee and chocolate lovers prefer this type as it is regarded to be chocolate variant latte flavor.
  • Breve: This American-styled latte coffee combination is served with half cream and half milk rather than whole milk.
  • Café Latte: It is prepared with a single espresso shot along with steamed milk of three shots with froth over its top.
  • Cappuccino: This Italian variant is served along with steamed milk, foamed milk and espresso shots. It has frosty lather over its top and is popular for its art work. It is also served with cinnamon and coffee artwork on coffee mug’s top part.
  • Chai Latte: This type is a wonderful combination of coffee and tea and includes one espresso shot mixed with one tea shot.

Hence, getting to know the different coffee variations allows you to choose one to drink depending on your moods.

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