What Common Mistakes Are Committed While Preparing Banana Bread Recipe?

Banana bread indeed is a wonderful last-minute, tasty, easy to prepare dessert. Novice bakers can enjoy impressing others. However, when preparing banana bread recipe, many tend to commit some common mistakes that you need to learn about.

Common mistakes

  • Not measuring correctly the flour: Moisture is vital for this recipe. Flour to banana ratio can make a huge difference concerning consistency. Excess flour will mean dry bread and vice versa. Hence measuring flour properly is crucial. Always use measuring spoon to derive perfect measurement.
  • Over-mixing of batter: It can be a complex method. Be it using a stand mixer or simple spoon and bowl, avoid overmixing batter to proper moist, fluffy loaf. While mixing, gluten starts to develop. If excessive occurs, then the loaf will become chewy and dense. Wet ingredients should be combined thoroughly and then dry ingredients need to be introduced. Use spoon and avoid mixture to incorporate everything completely.
  • Not check if it is complete: Before cutting, make sure the bread is ready. Otherwise, the center could be undercooked. Insert skewer right into its center to check if crumbs come clean or not. This should be done with the bread still in the oven.
  • Excessive bananas: Find out how much your recipe requires and use bananas accordingly. Excess of it will only make the bread damp and heavy in the center, thus making it unappealing and undercooked.

Following the above will allow you to avoid such common mistakes. Also you will be able to bake the perfect looking, delicious banana bread that will be enjoyed by your whole family.

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