The happiness and the aroma of breakfast: always united, don’t miss it:

Did you know that most of the flavor is noticed through smell? That is why when we have a cold nothing has flavor, and why we are also attracted to things that smell good, such as cakes while baking, cookies, or the aroma of breakfast.

And it is that the happiness of having a good breakfast. If possible, on the terrace and with the daily newspaper, is a pleasure hardly comparable. If not, imagine the feasts we give ourselves on vacation, either at home or in a hotel with breakfast included, and how happy we are for the rest of the day.

Even if we have a complicated day ahead of us, we can pay ourselves a tribute with some French toast with apple jam, capable of lifting the spirits of the most painted. Or why not, some crepes with cottage cheese and berries, which you have to see how well the French do for breakfast, that croissants are theirs too.

Okay, in those cases we are on vacation, and that makes anyone happy even if they do not have breakfast. But, if we can regain the good habit of having breakfast in the morning quietly, we assure you that we will all face the day with more enthusiasm and energy. It is possible even if we have had to get up a little earlier to have breakfast.

Having a good breakfast in the morning is important not only from a nutritional point of view, but it also helps us to wake up completely. But above all, it is a time of day in which we should try to be happy between toasts, freshly squeezed juices, and other delicatessen because you never know what the rest of the day brings us. And so, we will surely start the day with a smile.

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