Food items with the least calories to have for breakfast:

As the old saying goes that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. One should never avoid having breakfast. It gives you the energy to start your day with an enthusiasm.

However, many individuals take too heavy of a breakfast which could lead up to various health issues like weight gain. Even if you are on a strict diet, your dietitian would not recommend you not to have breakfast. So, what meals you could have which give you enough protein but contains the least fat and calories?

There are a variety of items one could go with when looking for a more protein-based and less calorie-based breakfast.

  1. Beans and Toast: A slice of bread from a loaf that contains about 55 calories and 50 grams of beans which provides 42 calories. Not only it is low in calories but also quick to make breakfast. Just toast the bread, warm the beans in the oven, and there you go. This breakfast contains a total of 97 calories.

  1. Banana and Honey: One of the popular breakfast items post-workout. A banana is worth 89 calories and half a teaspoon of honey which contains 10 calories. If you want to try this breakfast in a new way, mash the banana, warm it up in the oven, and put the honey on top.

  1. Kiwi, Greek Yogurt, and Blueberries: All you need is A chopped kiwi, 3 tablespoons of Greek yogurt, and 50 grams of Blueberries which contains 42 calories, 24 calories, and 29 calories respectively.

These are 3 of many low-calorie breakfasts you could have which contain less than 100 calories. Some more low-calorie breakfasts are Scrambled eggs and Mushrooms, Spinach omelet, Mixed berries with yogurt smoothie, and cinnamon toast.

Any breakfast you choose to take should satisfy your daily need for protein and other nutritions along with providing you fewer calories.

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