Ham and cheese flutes:

Here you have the recipe for the famous ham and cheese flutes, and many ideas to prepare them with different preparations and always to your liking.

To make these ham and cheese flutes there are several procedures, they can be fried or toasted. We have prepared them with corn tortillas and we have toasted and baked them. But we give you some ideas so that you can prepare them as you prefer.

Ingredients for 1 person:

– 1 corn pancake

– 1 slice of rather thick cooked ham cut into small cubes

– Shredded cheese or a couple of slices of cheese

– Butter

– Ground pepper


– We put the corn tortilla on a flat surface and with the toasted part inside.

– Spread with a little butter, a fine capita, put the ham on top, and cover with grated cheese. We put a touch of pepper.

– Fold in the sides of the tortilla and roll to form a cylinder ensuring that the ends are tightly closed.

– Toast in a non-stick skillet over medium heat for a couple of minutes on each side. You don’t have to add any fat but if you want you can put a knob of butter. You have to start toasting on the side where the opening is and then we turn it over.

– Once toasted, cover with more grated cheese and grill for a few minutes in the oven until the cheese melts and browns a little.

Other ideas for making ham and cheese flutes:

– You can use wheat tortillas and fry the flute in the bottom of light oil in a pan until golden on both sides.

– You can use bacon cubes instead of ham.

– You can enrich the filling with a tablespoon of cream cheese.

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