How To Make Healthy, Exotic, And Refreshing Soft Drinks At Home?

Soft Drinks

Soft drinks are unhealthy if consumed too much due to their high sugar content meanwhile you do not know the quality of ingredients used to make that soda and you get artificial colorings, flavoring, and preservatives, on the other, hand if you make soda/soft drink on your own, the best benefit you get is that you can choose what ingredients to use to make it.

You surely can choose from some alternatives for high sugar-containing soda such as flavored water and other carbonated beverages but you still cannot control the quality of ingredients used.

Making soft drinks at home is the best alternative and since the summer is on the way, you could not get any better chance to try it out. With the given steps, you could make soda at home.

  1. Buy plain soda water which does not contain any sugar and additives from the nearest grocery store.
  2. Now decide which soda flavor to go for. There are plenty of options available in the market, since you are making it all on your own, you could choose any flavors you like and mix it up. Some popular flavors are Lime, chocolate, vanilla cream, etc.
  3. Choose a sweetener, homemade soda gives you the benefit of being able to make it just as sweet as you like.
  4. Mix the soda by pouring carbonated water into a large pitcher and mix all the flavors and sweetener according to the taste you want. Taste the soda before adding more sweeteners or flavors, if you need more after tasting, you can add more. Mix it up till all the sweeteners and flavors are mixed perfectly. Have a final taste and done.

There you go! You can serve it in clear glass with straw added. These homemade soft drinks are much better taste-wise and health-wise than regular sodas you buy.

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