Hot drinks to combat the cold:

As you may have already noticed, the temperatures have dropped considerably and those hot summer days are behind us. With the cold, your defenses can lower and in addition to the typical colds and flu, the muscles look sore and can lead to contractures and muscle aches. Despite this, your body is intelligent and is responsible for asking you for hot food and drinks that will help you regain your body temperature.

The best hot drinks for winter:

A classic this time of year is soup. In the market, you will find various packaged broths that can facilitate the task, although the ideal is that you prepare it yourself at home with the ingredients that you like the most. Always having a hot soup on hand will help you warm up quickly. Vegetable broths, for example, are a very good option, since, in addition to warming you up, they are a hot drink that provides you with an interesting amount of vitamins and minerals.

Another type of hot drink that we recommend is infusions. You can find endless types of plants with different properties and flavors that generally provide antioxidants and help purify the body.

Apart from infusions, it is also useful to consume coffees or teas, more stimulating hot drinks that should be consumed in moderation, although they will increase your feeling of comfort as well as your body temperature.

And nothing richer than a hot chocolate to warm up and enjoy its smooth and creamy texture. Although it should be noted that it is a food that you should not abuse, there is nothing better than a hot cup of your favorite chocolate in the middle of the afternoon.

As a less caloric alternative, we can also recommend a good glass of warm milk that will comfort you, for example, on the coldest nights before going to bed.

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