How many calories are there in a super delicious Cheese Burger?

Cheeseburgers are super delicious and easy to make also they are hard to beat in taste as compared to any other burger. They happen to be the people’s easy lunch meal, dinner meal, or a quick snack.


A cheeseburger is a hamburger with a cheese slice placed at the top of the bun or is placed inside the bun on the top of a meat patty or simple patty. They are most loved and eaten burgers. But the question that might arise is how many calories does this super delicious and easy-to-cook cheeseburger contain?


Well, a single patty cheeseburger which may weigh around 100 grams contains 303 calories. Though the number of calories in a burger differs from the type of cheese used and also on the beef patty used in the burger.


– American cheese has around 106 calories.

– Cheddar cheese has around 114 calories.

– Mozzarella cheese has 79 calories.

– Swiss cheese has 95 calories.

– Blue cheese has 100 calories.

– Pepper jack has around 110 calories.


In a full beef patty burger, there are around 260 calories. In a hamburger bun bought from the store, there are 120 calories. 60 calories in one slice of American cheese. Thus, if this combination is consumed then there are 440 calories in a cheeseburger.


If one goes with the combination of a cheeseburger with French fries and a soft drink of your choice can make up to 830 to 1,130 calories.


Cheeseburger has some nutritional benefits too. Though the cheese and beef patty adds up the saturated fat count and saturated fat calories as well. But they do not have sugar added to it. And they are rich in iron, vitamin B6, and B12.


Thus, one might have to control a bit while choosing the patty or the cheese used in the making of a cheeseburger.

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