Potatoes with cheese and bacon:

These Cheesy Bacon Potatoes are super tasty, prepare in minutes and fly off the table in less time.

Ingredients for 4 people:

– 500 g of pre-fried potatoes or 2 large potatoes

– 100 g of bacon in ribbons or cubes

– 150 g of coarsely grated cheese that melts well

– Olive or sunflower oil for frying, we have used


– We fry the potatoes following the manufacturer’s instructions, being careful not to brown them too much because they will finish browning in the oven during gratin.

– If you use fresh potatoes, peel the potatoes and cut them into wedges to taste, French-style or thicker wedges. We put them in a bowl with cold water and salt for half an hour and fry them, very well-drained, in hot oil until they are very golden.

– While the potatoes are frying, we sauté the bacon in its fat for a minute to release some of its fat. It should not burn or harden. It will be finished in the gratin.

– We put the hot and fried potatoes in a serving dish that can go into the oven. On the potatoes, we add half the cheese and mix it with the potatoes. When it is well mixed we cover with the other half of the cheese and the bacon already lightly sautéed.

– Gratin under the grill until the cheese melts without browning too much because it will harden, we just want it to melt on the potatoes.

– We serve hot, freshly made.

Tips and Comments:

If you want to lighten the calorie plate, you can prepare it with small new potatoes cooked with their skin and cut into halves. The same manufacturing process is followed. Those that come in special bags to cook in the microwave are perfect.

You can also make the dish in the microwave by putting the cheese and the bacon cubes on top of the fries and microwaving for a minute to melt the cheese. You lose the crispiness of the bacon and some texture in the cheese, but it’s a quick fix.

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